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Alignment Procedure Introduction

Horizontal Move

Vertical Move

Thermal Movement

Alignment Tolerances

  Soft Foot Check 

Sag Check

Soft Foot
        Soft foot is a condition in which one of the feet does not sit flat on the base.  The foot or the base may have been warped.  When you tighten the bolt on the foot, the machinery will distort.

soft foot parallel.JPG (54383 bytes) soft foot angular.JPG (59498 bytes)
Parallel Soft Foot                             Angular Soft Foot


How to check for Soft Foot

    1.  Move indicators to 12 o'clock position, depress indicators and then zero.
    2.  Loosen one base bolt.  If indicator moves away form zero, place the
             amount of shims that will slide under that foot.  Retighten bolt and
             make sure the dial indicator needle does not move.
    3.  Repeat this procedure for the remaining feet.


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