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Welcome to A-Line Manufacturer's web site. We manufacture and sell our patented line of precision shaft alignment tools. A-Line is the Industry Standard for chemical plants, water treatment plants, pipeline companies, and other industries. 1,000's are in use everyday by maintenance technicians. We have been providing dependable, affordable alignment tools to our customers since 1983.

Our system of shaft alignment is a back to basic approach. By using our equipment the mechanic receives a visual picture of how the shafts are positioned and what it will take to move the shafts into proper alignment. It is a technique that is easy to learn and quick to use. All our kits come complete with instructions and we offer free phone support to answer any questions that may arise.

An economical alternative to more complex alignment systems with less maintenance and upkeep. Accurate results, no batteries to go down, No yearly calibration. Simple to use and easy to master by any mechanic. A-Line brackets can be kept in toolbox without special care and can be ready to go at a moments notice!

Graphical Procedure for Reverse Alignment Refresher Course

When you become an A-Line customer you will benefit by having the fastest, most accurate, affordable tools available. We will provide you with the resources and the knowledge for improving your reliability and boosting your productivity.

Take a few minutes and browse through our Web site and learn why thousands of people have chosen to become A-Line Mfg. Inc. customers. Please call or email us if you have any questions.

Thank You for considering A-Line Manufacturing for your precision shaft alignment tool needs!

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